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Re: Guppies


 I have had guppies shipped to me from So. Ca. and they took three days to 
get here and I have had no deaths. I would first suggest that the breeeder 
not feed the the fish for 2 or 3 days before he shipped them to me. The bags 
they ship in 2 or 3 wide are perfect for this type of shippping. Small enough 
that the fish is always in the water no matter which way they ship, right 
side or other side up.

Also most breeders will guarantee live delivery. They typically only charge 
you the shipping cost for replacement fish.. I do not know if this hold true 
for international shipment. have you tried FEDEX or UPS next day. 

Write me off list with the Breeders name and I will advise.

Oh I just though of this it could be the heat. You might want to wait a month 
or so till it cools down a bite.