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Snail control

Occasionally the subject of snail control comes up.
The most common solution is to get either a clown
loach or a botia.  When I tried a pair of tiger botias
they ate some snails but not until they had wiped out
my algae eating shrimp.  As luck would have it my LFS
had some botias I had never seen before. They were
labeled Mini Dario Botia.  The clerk was not familiar
with them and this guy is very knowledgeable. I tried
3 and also got a dozen feeder ghost shrimp.  After a
week with no shrimp fatalities and a marked decrease
in snail numbers I went back and bought four more of
them. After another week still no dead shrimp and even
fewer snails.  So after a long time lurking I have
something to recommend. They are a fun fish to watch
they move with a darter type movement and like to rest
on the larger plant leaves. Here is an okay photo of
I hope to get some better shots while playing with the
new camera.

Thanks Scott Hudson