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Re: Pearl Grass

>>From: "Berryman, David" <DBerryma at AspenMed_org>
>>Subject: Glossostigma elatinoides
>> Also Amano uses a plant that he refers to as Pearl Grass.  Does
>>anyone know the scientific name for it?  I was hoping to buy some Pearl
>>Grass form someone on the list as well.
>and have kept it going since 1995. Both of these delicate plants will
>suffer if they are in a tank with large Echinodorus or other nutrient
>sponges. Email me off line.

I keep Hemianthus micrantheimoides in a tank with two large E. bleheri
and a lot of Hygro, Rotala rotundifolia and frogbit. All strong nutrient 
sponges, growing like hell. The Hemianthus grows like a weed too. I have 
to prune it every two weeks to keep it in check. I didn't pay too much 
attention to David's plea since I didn't know it was called "pearl grass". 
I know it by the name "baby's tears". Write me offlist so I can send you
some cuttings.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD