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Re: sword propogation question

> Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 20:32:27 -0500
> From: "Christopher Ferrell" <csferrel at nortelnetworks_com>

> I do have a couple of other swords (rubin, melon)
> and I was curious on how to make swords create plantlets off of the rhizome.
> I haven't seen much on the web about it, just that it happens.  I want to
> know how to make it happen.
> Chris

Hi Chris,

Not an expert here, but unless I missed the posts no one has responded
to this question.

I have a Rubin putting up a stalk right now.  It also sent up a stalk
about a year ago as I recall.  From that stalk I got five plantets.

I can't recall the conditions the last time it did it, but this time
there are three things that might have contributed to it.

-I ran out of the SeaChem Flourish fertiler I normally use and only
dosed with the Tetra    FloraPride for about 3 weeks before I got more

-During the period I was dosing only with the FloraPride I went from 13
hrs of light a day  to 10 hrs a day.  I was having problems with green

-It has been getting warm in the Northwest and my tank reached 86
degrees today. The tank  has been above 80 degrees for the past couple
of weeks.

Again, not an expert here :)  If I had to guess I would think it was the
temperature change.  As I recall it was about a year ago the last time I
got plantets.  This would have been during the summer months, during
which the temperature of the tank always increases.

I haven't heard much talk of Rubins putting out plantets but if anyone
in the Salem, OR area would like any your welcome to them.  Sorry but I
don't really have an interest in shipping them...

Perhaps it will help, perhaps it won't.  Perhaps someone with more
expertise can build on this, perhaps someone with more expertise can
tell me where I'm wrong.  In any case, it's a lesson that I should
actually take notes on the conditions of my tank.

cya later,