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Nitrate test kits

Someone recently asked about good nitrate test kits.

For my money, by far the best is the Seachem.  Good down to around .1ppm,
and up to 100ppm.   Perfect for our purposes.   A tiny bit expensive, but
not too bad.

On an unrelated subject, I am trying to build a list of stores that carry
at least a GOOD selection of aquarium plants and related products.  I need
name, address and phone.  Please send your favorites to me and I will
publish the list to the contributors.  If you have no good ones locally, if
you have dealt with one of the national plant vendors and would recommend
them, please tell me that too. 

Email off list to:  gomberg at wcf_com

Thanks for the info.   

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com
For low cost CO2 systems that work:  http://www.wcf.com/co2iron 
Tropica MasterGrow in the USA:      http://www.wcf.com/tropica