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Re: driftwood preparation

 <But I was wondering whether driftwood needs to be
<treated in any other way before placing it in the tank.  Before, I had tried
to put some wood from my backyard into my tank and it ended up getting all>
fungusy. >

The difference between your backyard driftwood and the sea-fairing piece
you just got is all the freshwater compatable micro biota sea-fairing piece
does NOT have. I've seen the "Fungus phemom" in store bought "driftwood"
also, once placed in water. The problem has NEVER arisen since I've been
using my Australian Pine driftwood stumps that have taken a serious surf
beating for several months. Keep in mind, I don't even bother to wash them
off before placing them in my tanks. Also keep in mind I drill the wood and
glue or tie my rooted plants directly to it. I've even left the root
stubble of dead,dried marine seaweed on the stump beacause it makes
attatching plants (that would'nt attatch by themselves in nature) MUCH
easier. It is easier than tying moss to the wood to act as base for root

I believe the salt is your ally. If you get driftwood you did'nt pick up
yourself by the sea (riverwood does'nt count) you should soak it for a
while in sea/salt water.
"A-stumpin' in Ft.Lauderdale"