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RE: Profile

Bryan Bankhead wrote;

<I used Profile soil in a ten gallon tank using a Jim kelly style sand
over vermiculite substrate and while I got good plant growth I also had
a serious GH problem. I would reduce the hardness with changes and it
would be back up within a day! And the hardness built up during the
space between changes. Just how much did you use? I used two quarts in a
ten gallon tank. Think I used too much?>

I find it hard to believe that the Profile caused your hardness problem.  I
used 20# of it in a 72 gal. and 8# in a 29 gal., and never encountered any
such problem.  In fact, other than some stupid things I've caused myself
(read my previous posting), these are the most stable tanks I have.

Maybe you should check the sand you used for something odd.

Bob Ashcraft
Pittsburgh, PA