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Re: Amazon

In a message dated 8/22/99 2:51:51 AM Central Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<< Go there, collect all the fish and plants you like (you can't carry enough 
fish to have ANY effect on
 the ecosystem), spend allot of dollars while you're there, come back and 
tell us all what a great
 trip you had! >>

With suggestions like yours, we may not have anything left in the future.
I disaggree with you, if you take an orchid from the forest of which there 
may only be a few specimens left, you have reduced the potential of that 
plant species surviving when there may only be  5-6 plants left in an area. 
Knowing the greed of many people they would probably take all 6.
This is the same for fish species, some species are endemmic to certain areas 
if you collect a large % of the population that maybe endemic to one pond or 
one area of a river, this is the case with many killies, you may be removing 
enough to hamper the reproduction of this species in the future.

Knowing development the way it goes , when collectors find an area of fish 
they will fish it out. 
Start reading some of the statistics on the volumes of neons, angels etc 
being removed from the wild by commercial collections or the effects of 
shrimp farming on the ecosystems of Brazil, according to what I have read 
there won't enogh to supply the markets in a few more years.

The main issue that was raised on this message when posted was not the 
collecting, you can collect whatever you like.
The issue was regarding getting them back into Canada or the US. Expeditions 
from Holland with the appropriate paperwork for collecting  in Brazil, were 
detained, fined and their goods expropriated. Countries like Brazil are 
starting to frown on people taking their wildlife. Costa Rica & Panama are 
also getting on the band wagon, without the proper permissions and paperwork 
you could be exposing yourself to detainment, expropriation and in some cases 
jail time.