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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1229

on 01:48 PM 8/22/99 , Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

 >Does anyone know where I can buy BioPlast Nutriplant liquid fertilizer.
 >I  bought a bottle from my LFS, but they apparently can't get any more.
 >It's not cheap but it makes the plants grow amazingly, without  algae.

Not sure where you can buy it, but based on the label and some nitrate 
tests I tried, Nutriplant appears to be a rather weak solution of KNO3 
(Potassium nitrate). Or at any rate, it supplies Potassium and Nitrogen and 
nothing else. You could probably get the same results by mixing up a 
diluted KNO3 solution from one of the usual sources (stump remover, etc.)

I mixed up a slightly stronger solution than NutriPlant from Lily-miller 
stump remover, and basically got a lifetime supply for $6. I recommend you 
test nitrate levels regularly, though. My tank was severely N-limited 
before I started adding KNO3. I'm following the PMDD regimen with regular 
doses, and the tank hasn't yet reached detectable levels of nitrates.

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