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driftwood preparation

I have a question about driftwood.  I found some pieces of wood on the beach
that I'd like to put in my freshwater tank.  So I'm soaking them to remove
(or really dilute) any salts that might have been absorbed by the wood.
Then I'll boil them.  But I was wondering whether driftwood needs to be
treated in any other way before placing it in the tank.  Before, I had tried
to put some wood from my backyard into my tank and it ended up getting all
fungusy.  The water clouded up and all the fish and shrimp were gasping at
the surface.  Luckily, I removed the wood in time, aerated the tank, and
everything went back to normal.
I checked the krib and the archives and found that I need to prepare the
wood.  But I'm guessing that  whatever pathogen I introduced into the tank
is still in there.  So even after boiling the new wood, wouldn't the fungus
attack the new wood when I put it in, and would I have the same problem?
I'm thinking that perhaps I should seal the wood with some epoxy resin or
something to that effect.  I noticed that my LFS sells wood that is coated
with something.  So now I'm wondering what sealants are safe for the
aquarium?  The krib articles concerning plywood tanks mention epoxies but
when I asked a local boat hardware dealer about their sealants, he said that
the stuff wasn't safe for drinking water containers and I shouldn't even try
it with aquarium fish.  Are there different types of epoxies?  Am I going to
be wasting my time trying to seal the wood?

Trying not make history repeat itself,
Gerald Torres
West Los Angeles, CA