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Re: Profile

On Sun, 22 Aug 1999, Robert H wrote:
> I had a phone conversation with the manufacturer a few months ago and I was 
> told that Profile does provide measurable iron, calcium, manganese, and 
> magnesium. I dont remember the percentages, somewhere around 1%.  It is a 
> type of clay, also reffered to as "fullers earth". Can someone explain what 
> fullers earth is?

Fullers earth is not a specific kind of clay.  It's any kind of clay that
was once used to remove color from oils and (sometime before that, I
guess) for "fulling" cloth.  They have the property that they can remove
color from oils.

Most of the fullers earth I've read about is a type of smectite clay.
Smectites in general have a fairly high cation exchange capacity and some
(like bentonite used for clumping cat litter) have a well developed
tendency to swell when they adsorb water, which the do very well.

Profile would probably be a calcined clay product.  It wouldn't have all
the properties of the original clay, but it would tend to stay together
underwater, which the original clay might not.

Roger Miller