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Re: aluminum sulfite

On Sun, 22 Aug 1999, Jag Amberkar wrote:
> Aluminum Sulfate is used to lower the pH for garden plants as Azaleas, also 
> for any acid loving plants. This is sold in powdered forms in stores. Can I 
> use this to lower the pH in fish tanks ?  will this lower the pH ? and will 
> it be stable ?

At best I think this would be similar to adding sulfuric acid to your
water. It will lower the alkalinity and (all else being equal) lower the
pH.  You might find the aluminum sulfate easier to store and handle than
sulfuric acid.

On the down side, free aluminum is toxic to many plants.  It's probably
toxic to fish as well in sufficient doses.

I wouldn't use aluminum sulfate, and I couldn't advise you to, either.

Roger Miller