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RE: aqua-landscaping

 Okay, I'll bite.  I think it is insane to use landscapes as inspiration 
> aquascapes.  Unless they are done to the level of the Amano style tanks
> (which are ridiculously labor intensive and contrived), they usually look
> pretttty hokey.  Little paths and bushes?  Give me a break. And I can't
> think of a single fish that would feel comfortable swimming (flapping?)
> around in a xeriscape environment.
Roger wrote:
The idea isn't to make aquascapes that look like gardens, but to use
elements of landscaping in your aquascape.  Keep in mind that the
landscapers and gardeners have been solving many of the same aesthetic
problems we have for hundreds of years.  If you ignore what they have done
then you're reinventing the wheel.<<

sorry for responding two weeks late....had computer problems...

I agree with Roger totally. If you think any artistic effort in aquascaping 
is not gardening, then you havnt gone snorkling in your local lake...true 
natural biotope plant settings are boring... murky, cloudy water with 
overgrown weeds... I look at it as building an underwater fantasy, pleasing 
to the eye with the illusion of looking natural, not contrived. How 
contrived the look is, is a matter of personal choice...after all, tacky 
ceramic mermaids and castles are now collectors items going for big bucks 
on ebay, as well as the most ugly ornate aquariums which are "in" because 
someone calls them antiques. There are many types of "landscaping 
techniques" as well. Some I wouldnt be caught dead with in my yard. But the 
ideas behind them, color, contrast, depth, and use of space arent much 
different than what can be applied to an aquarium. Contrived or not, a well 
groomed aquascape looks absolutely awesome, and it doesnt have to be high 

Robert H
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