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"Thomas Vickers" <redroach at flex_net> wrote:
> Just wanted to let everyone know that my 55 gallon with the Profile 
> Plant soil substrate is making my crypts go nuts.  I put in about 3 
> and nothing else and I have never seen crypts take off.
> I am only using  2 40W GE Sunlight bulbs, and I put some aquatic plant 
> in the bottom of the substrate.
Steve wrote:
The growth of the Crypts is probably mostly linked with the use of the
substrate fertilizer tablets. Rooted aquatic plants of all types will
grow dramatically faster when given a small amount of substrate
fertilization provided that other factors such as light, the water
minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium) and CO2 are sufficient.

Many of these special aquatic plant soils probably contain at least some
of the nutrients that help plant growth. Adding potassium to a substrate
medium is a good trick. Calcium and magnesium is also very easy to
supplement in a commercial product by combining a small ratio of
dolomite granules.<<

I had a phone conversation with the manufacturer a few months ago and I was 
told that Profile does provide measurable iron, calcium, manganese, and 
magnesium. I dont remember the percentages, somewhere around 1%.  It is a 
type of clay, also reffered to as "fullers earth". Can someone explain what 
fullers earth is? Its seems to excite some people, and I have no idea what 
it is. I will say one thing...I have also had great growth in the tanks 
using it, much more than Seachems Flourite, at half the price.

Robert H
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