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Atlanta fish/plant store

For everyone in the Atlanta area, another of our APDers recommended a
new store to me and I checked it out today.  It was Petland in
Alpharetta (State Bridge Rd. by Home Depot).  They blew The Fish Store
and More out of the water (no joke intended) in MHO.  Much larger
selection of plants, much better looking fish and the guy that runs the
fish area was sharp ( on saltwater, fish and plants).  He has plant
tanks at home and informed me that he would be happy to place a special
order if I needed something he didn't have.  He was also not just trying
to make money. (A lady who had just had an outbreak of ick wanted to buy
some more fish and he told her how to handle the problem and recommended
she wait on any more livestock until everything was cleared up.  I don't
hear much of that kind of advice anymore in pet stores, usually it is
just sale, sale, sale, who cares about the livestock!  Just thought you
would like to know.