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Foreground/lawn plants

>Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 22:28:26 +0200
>From: "Soren 'Disky' Petersen" <disky at disky-design_dk>
>Subject: Re: Foreground/lawn plants
>>Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 20:57:31 +0200
>>From: "Ole Larsen" <olet at larsen_dk>
>>I have never seen this mentioned here on the APD, so here it is.
>>The Microsorum (I donīt know if var. Windeloev or Tropica will do). Big
>>leaves, broken off, placed on the gravel, back side up, hold in place by a
>>few pepples will in time create a beautifull "lawn". And it doesnīt need
>>injection or much light ( the last in opposition to most "lawn"plants) It
>>tolerates high pH and even a little salt ( if anybody could ever think of
>>using that, routinely :-) )
>Do you have a picture of this type of lawn ??
>I would love to see it.
>With many Thanks
>Soren ' Disky ' Petersen  ICQ #1413069
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No, I donīt have pictures. But it will take just one leave and some time to check my information.
ole.t at larsen_dk