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Re: Amazon

The last I heard from someone who works at the New England Aquarium is that 
they are shipping some 40 million cardinals each year. Even in years that the 
species suffers because of nature's whims they still rebound enough by the 
next year to collect as many.

I'm not saying we should go down and pillage. But collecting with respect for 
the environment can be done. I guess that's the key word here--respect. 
Respect when collecting. And to a greater degree, respect for the species in 
question when you place it into your aquarium.


In a message dated 8/20/99 7:51:47 PM, Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<< But on the serious side, the rate at which tourists are collecting plants 
from the Amazon is far below the system's capacity to replenish.  A recent 
survey showed that the huge numbers of neons nd cardinals being shipped out 
of Brazil was having no effect on the native populations of those fish.