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Re: Iron: a factoid and two questions

Shawn wrote:
> ...with respect to the ferrous/ferric question, I have seen some
> references (on the Krib, or on Steve Pushak's page, maybe) to some
> plants having an enzyme named ferric reductase.  This enzyme reduces
> ferric iron to ferrous iron that the plant can use.

You'll find a link to that article on my website, the "Plant Nutrition
Lecture List" or jump to

The uptake of ferrous iron seems to be well established in scientific
literature but I am unfamiliar with which methods were used to determine
it. A good place to start research on the subject would be at a
university library or, if you're lazy like me, try writing email to one
of the professors you find named on some of the links on my website. Who
knows what interesting stuff you could find if you started pumping
keywords into a good search engine like Infoseek which seems to produce
better results on technical searches for me.

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