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heat and bugs in the Amazon

>Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 10:47:53 -0600
>From: Beverly Wladyka <greybird at v-wave_com>
>Subject: Re: amazon trip
 If I could
>take the heat, humidity and bugs (and if I had a bigger travel budget that
allowed trips further than those to the lfs), I'd
>consider going anywhere upriver of Iquitos, but for two weeks minimum to
make the time and effort of getting there

Where I went I can tell you that heat and humidity are not that bad out on
the water. I don't like either that much and was pleasantly surprised. If
you walk about on land in the forest it can be pretty "close". As for
bugs... nary a one bothered me. Some folks got bitten by chiggers but they
come from being in grass and crawl up your body from the ground and can be
prevented. I experienced a few bites from some fire ants when I walked
across a nest, no big deal. Not a mosquito in sight, no deer/horse flies,
no black flies... compared to northern Ontario... a piece of cake.

in Vancouver