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Odd lighting

At 03:48 PM 8/18/1999 -0400,  Scott Freeman feared:
>  I am considering buying one of the All-Glass 54 gallon
>corner tanks.  It looks like a triangle except the front is bowed not
>straight.  The measurements are 38L x 27W x 22H.  Obviously lighting it
>will be a nightmare. 

I am currently developing a new lighting fixture.  It will come in three
models.  One, the model A, will be a little less that 24" long.  The model
B will be just short of 36" and the model C will be shy of 48".   All
models will be about 4-5" wide and about 2-3" high.

The A model will be 55w, the B and C 110.  They will be very plain looking
and intended for use where appearance does not matter (such as inside a
nice wooden or plastic shell).  They will fit in with my standard cost
model, that is, they will be low-cost.  About $80 for the A, about $110 for
the B or C.  That brings them down to close to $1 per watt.   Watch these
pages for details.

My I am really a Chatty Cathy today, aren't I?

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