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Re: amazon trip

> Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 20:59:56 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Ed Street <br at ldl_net>
> Subject: amazon trip
> Next year i'm wanting to visit the amazon for a week trip.  Was curious to
> find out what outfit would be good to use while there and what part would
> be best to visit.  I am not interested in collecting fish as it can do
> alot of harm to the fish in question, the health of the amazon, and my
> current tanks.  However if everything was ok and I was 100% assured that
> the fish would have a better life in captivity then I would be willing to
> go that route.
> Anyways, enough rambling.  I am mostly interested in observing the fish in
> there native enviroment, taking water samples, looking for orchids,
> aquatic plants (don't mind collecting them under the right conditions) and
> to snorkel with the piranha.

While researching the topic of setting up our Amazon aquarium, I bought a travel book titled, "The Amazon, The Bradt Travel
Guide" written by Roger Harris and Peter Hutchison, published 1998 by  Bradt Publications UK,  ISBN 1 898323 1 2.

The book features separate sections on each S. American country through which the Amazon flows.  There are tour operator
suggestions for each country, plus where to go and where to stay, maps, and, well, the whole nine travel yards.  If I could
take the heat, humidity and bugs (and if I had a bigger travel budget that allowed trips further than those to the lfs), I'd
consider going anywhere upriver of Iquitos, but for two weeks minimum to make the time and effort of getting there

Your trip sounds fascinating and I'd be interested in seeing any photos of streams that you happen to come across.

Beverly Wladyka
Edmonton AB Canada