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Metal halide

After checking out the Krib, archives and George Booth's website, I am
still confused.  I am considering buying one of the All-Glass 54 gallon
corner tanks.  It looks like a triangle except the front is bowed not
straight.  The measurements are 38L x 27W x 22H.  Obviously lighting it
will be a nightmare.   I want an enclosed canopy with the lighting and
fan for heat inside.  At first, I considered flourescents, but with the
dimensions, was afraid I would only be able to squeeze a few 2 foot
bulbs in.  Therefore, I was considering a metal halide but was concerned
about having this hot of a bulb inches away from the water.  Exactly how
close is too close?  If I understand correctly, George recommended a
6500K bulb (not too yellow).   Is this available in the smaller
wattages?  Do they make electronic ballasts for MH's?  One article said
yes, one no.  The final, I promise, request is for recommendations.
Sounds like IceCap isn't really reliable, Advance is?   Thanks alot.