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Re:Shipping cost

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<< Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 17:00:09 -0400
 From: Steve Bansee <Steve.Bansee at PWGSC_GC.CA>
 Subject: Mail Order
 This is way, way off topic, but I didn't know where else to ask.
 I know there are alot of Canadians on this group, (I am one too).
 Just wanted to know if you order from any of the US Mail order stores.   I
 ask because, I asked That Pet Place how much it will be to ship say "$30.00"
 US, worth off stuff (less that 1 lb), they said it would cost about $17.28
 shipping.... that's like $25.00 can.. I ask if they would ship regular mail,
 but they said that that is the cheapest they can go.  I also tried
 Petwarehouse, it was about the same..  Anybody knows how to get cheaper
 stuff from the States.   I do shop at the couple of Canadian Mail order
 places who's prices are very good, but they don't carry some off the things
 I wanted.
 Oh well, thanks for reading. >>

I have had the same problem the shipping costs in some instances exceed the 
goods ordered.
I keep requesting that they ship by ground, however it always winds up being 
UPS is the least expensive but you may be faced with brokerage fees of about 

My usual option is to make the order $200-300 than the shipping of $30 is 
only 10% of the order.
Last but not least ask your canadian mail order houses to get it in for you.

And as a matter of this list, avoid plants at all cost unless you know the 
required procedures of a phytosanitary certificate and import permits. All of 
these will cost you which again makes small shipments uneconomical.