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has anybody tried and successfully grown carpets of glossostigma without 
additional co2? with the substrate being rich and lights a bit over 3 

for my tank glossostigma grows VERY VERY slowly.. not dying... i'm using the 
DIY yeast method (and airstone into intake tube of canister filter) 
substrate is very rich (laterite, clay, soil.. etc etc.) lighting is around 
3 watts / gallon
i see new leaves (?) forming but growing very slowly.
i've read from the internet that glossostigma under optimal growth 
conditions (with co2 through diffuser and bottle) can cover a 2 feet by 2 
feet area in less than 3 weeks.. it's been 3 months and it's only covered a 
1/2 feet by 1/2 area.. but my tank is also 24 inches deep (top to bottom) 
would that be a cause for slow growth or is it just co2 i'm missing? or is 
this slow growth acutally good cause i wouldn't have to pull it out when 
there's too much??


Raymond Wong

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