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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1218

> Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 17:35:48 -0400
> From: "Tom Brennan" <brennans at ix_netcom.com>
> Subject: Riccia VS Glossostigma
> Hello all,

I pulled out all my Riccia about a year ago, and am STILL finding pieces
where a single atom of the stuff managed to take root and grow.  Its kind of
like java moss that way.  If you don't like it invading the glossostigma,
pull out what you think is unattractive and leave the rest in.  You will be
fighting a battle long term, but the results can really be worth it.

Justin Collins

> I have noticed a slow invasion of Riccia into a section of my nice
> Glossostigma lawn in my 125g tank.  Has anyone  ever had this happen?
> plant will end up dominating the area?  My guess is the Riccia will
> eventually choke the Glosso.  Should I let nature take it's course here?
> I prefer to pull the Riccia, will it come back and will this be an
> battle?
> Folks thanks for your comments/suggestions in advance!
> Tom Brennan