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Re: SAE's

SAE's sometimes come in wasted looking with thin hollow bellies. I had a few
like this. They were not as active in feeding and got little of the food I
gave them. I feed them sinking algae sticks and pleco min tablets. This
helped alot but often feeding them several times daily stops them from
eating the algae as much! I tend to feed on the light side so they weren't
getting enough food and there isn't enough algae to support all of them so I
started feeding them better(2-3 times a day, sometimes heavy). Haven't lost
one since<g>! I guess you might want to "fatten" them up first, then start
starving them for algae control when needed. Keep an eye out on their health
and give extra feeding if necessary. Algae Flake food works great for them.
Tom Barr