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re: 45 gallon plant tank.

>Subject: 45 gallon plant tank.
>I'm looking into making my 45g freshwater tank into a plant tank.  Now
>i've heard everything from 1watt/gallon to 3 watt/gallon.  The dimensions
>of my tank are 36"X12",X24" deep.  Any recommendations on how much light I
>should have and how to go about getting it?

	As my dad always says, "Let's back into the problem".  The 1 to 3
watt/gallon rule of thumb is exactly that.   By backing into the problem,
first I would suggest designing the tank on paper.  What kind of plants do
you want to grow?  what kind of colors?  bunch?  stem?  any free-floating
plants?   Once you know the plants you would like to grow, then you can
learn about each plants preference.  You can lean more toward 1 or 3 or
even more depending on your plant plan.  Another suggestion: be flexible.
You may find that your plan is very possible except that you have to build
your own canopy, order away for the kind of 36" bulbs because you LFS
doesn't carry them, etc.  And don't forget about price.  Some people are
willing to pay for it, some can't or won't.

darin simmons
darin at silcom_com

darin dimmons
darin at silcom_com