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Re: Keeping Java Moss out of filters

>rom: "Dinyar Lalkaka" <lalkaka at concentric_net>
>Subject: Java moss
>How do you folks out there with Java moss keep it from getting sucked into
>and clogging your canister or power filter intakes?

I use a foam "pre"filter from a Penguin powerhead slipped over the intake
strainers. Actually my idea to do this was so that it filters out large
debris, before it gets inhaled by my canister filters, lengenthing the time
I can go before breaking them down for a general cleaning. Make sure to
rinse the sponge filters out weekly or so, if they clog they will cut down
the flow through the canisters and reduce your overall filtration. Another
advantage to using the sponge pre-filtering, is that there may be some
biological filtering taking place as the bacteria colonize the sponge. I
don't know if this actually takes place, but I rinse the sponges in water
removed from the tank during my weekly water change just in case.
Bob Buettner
In finally wet Northwestern Connecticut
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