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Anubias growth improved with higher light.

>> Is there a trick to growing really large leaves on submerged anubias?
	An anecdote, for what it's worth: I recently moved my A. nana from the
bottom of the tank (20" from the fluorescent tubes) to a piece of wood
at mid-tank (10" from the lights).  The plant, which has been growing
slowly but steadily for the year that I've had it, has suddenly taken
off to a remarkable degree.  Instead of new leaves forming at a rate of
about one a week and just at the growing end, there are leaves bursting
out all over the plant, even new rhizomes.  The leaves aren't any
bigger, but the plant is a little bush now.
	Since Anubias will tolerate low light, I always thought of them as low
light plants -- plants that *shouldn't* have a lot of light.  Clearly
this is not the case.  This is not a dim tank either.  It has four 48"
tubes over an 18" tall 4 foot long 60 gallon tank, so almost 3 watts per
gallon.  The tubes are replaced fairly regularly.
Other info: GH and KH about 2, pH about 6.7, automated CO2 injection. 
Small amounts of Flourish on a regular basis (but much less than the
recommended dose). -- Sherman Lovell