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Re: Ameristyle tanks

Roger Miller wrote:

"I don't mean to imply that the southwestern xeriscape can't provide great
ideas for aquascaping.  You're right that they share some elements with
Zen gardens, and just as those gardens contribute to Amano's style, the
American xeriscape could contribute to American aquascaping style."

Okay, I'll bite.  I think it is insane to use landscapes as inspiration for
aquascapes.  Unless they are done to the level of the Amano style tanks
(which are ridiculously labor intensive and contrived), they usually look
pretttty hokey.  Little paths and bushes?  Give me a break. And I can't
think of a single fish that would feel comfortable swimming (flapping?)
around in a xeriscape environment.  Rather than draw on landscapes for a
tank design, I would propose that the natural habitat(s) of the tank
inhabitants provides a far more valid basis for design.  A riverbank, a
running stream, a calm pool, etceteras.  From that perspective the Dutch
style tanks are far more natural, even though they tend to be forced through
frequent trimming. IMHO of course...