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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1210

>I didn't expect the massive response I got focusing on the stumps. I have
>nine stumps and at this time I have nine inquiries and offers for trade.
>Please understand, though I have been using Australian pine driftwood since
>last Feb, the stump discovery just came early last month.   Whereas
>driftwood is relatively easy to obtain, the tiny stumps are less common and
>do require a schlep! Drive 30min to beach, rent canoe, row to island, poke
>around, saw-saw-saw...So please don't be offended when I offer to send you
>guys stumps for $15 or a good trade. Pieces that look like Amano's
>Driftwood "snakes" (Aquarium Plant Paradise pg. 29-35) are easier to obtain
>so those I'll send for $3 a foot or a good trade. I'm going to the Island
>tomorrow to get more so if you are interested, e-mail me.

Being out here in CA, we have other sources of roots. Sometimes we just have
to make do with what we have. I use manzinita, coastal live oak, and
redwood. The redwood can look very interesting. I think if folks look around
their areas, they'll find more than they think. You'll need to soak or cure
sometimes but there's often a good branch lurking around. Small branches
look good and do not take much light/planting space away compared to the big
logs/pieces .
  The desert areas have many tough suitable trees for plant tanks. Dense and
dead is what I look for. Be careful where you pick it up
though...................many places it is illegal to pick up anything , say
from State Parks( but you can gather firewood for some odd reason). 
   Going out looking for wood, rocks, native fishes and plants makes for a
fun day. You'll learn more about your neck of the woods in doing so. Not a
bad deal, eh?
Tom Barr