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Re; Ameristyle Tanks / HGTV Aquariums? / I'll get you guys some stumps.

Reply to Roger Miller; I realize now why American landscaping style may
seem a problematic source of inspiration from your perspective. I haven't
been to the American SW but I love watching HGTV and SW styles seem much
more like a Zen stone garden than my back yard. You guys don't get much
rain, so please forgive my presumption that American list readers would all
have similar landscaping reference points. 

BTW, why haven't I seen a planted tank on HGTV? If any of you List-lurkers
have contacts w/ the network, why not get them to do a spot featuring your
own, Dave's, Rogers, Karen's, Quack's, Dan's or the tanks of any other
regulars to promote the finer points of what we do?  Good crossover press
goes far! Why settle for 2min w/ Paul James; why not pitch a one hr
special? I can see it now.."Stay tuned for Aquarium Gardening by the Yard,
with your host; Dan Gomberg...da..da..da.da.da.da.daaaaaa!!!:)"

I didn't expect the massive response I got focusing on the stumps. I have
nine stumps and at this time I have nine inquiries and offers for trade.
Please understand, though I have been using Australian pine driftwood since
last Feb, the stump discovery just came early last month.   Whereas
driftwood is relatively easy to obtain, the tiny stumps are less common and
do require a schlep! Drive 30min to beach, rent canoe, row to island, poke
around, saw-saw-saw...So please don't be offended when I offer to send you
guys stumps for $15 or a good trade. Pieces that look like Amano's
Driftwood "snakes" (Aquarium Plant Paradise pg. 29-35) are easier to obtain
so those I'll send for $3 a foot or a good trade. I'm going to the Island
tomorrow to get more so if you are interested, e-mail me.