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Re: fish suggestions for tank

For my small plant tank I was considering some Pygmy Cories (C. pygmaeus) I saw
at the LFS.  They aren't bright colored, but they do have that wacky Cory charm.
 I was worried about three or four of them being too many for 2.5 gal, and the
fact that I can't get the temp below about 84 degF.  I was also thinking of
1 or 2 *male* guppies or Endler's Livebearers.  Instead, I ended up fishless.
 I have ramshorn snails & 4 shrimp, together with a decent population of daphnia
that spontaneously appeared.  I kind of think of it as a freshwater "micro reef",
with the invertabrates as my clean-up crew.  Plus, I get to laugh at the strange
looks from my co-workers when they stare at the tank and then finally ask, "What
kind of fish do you have?"
jvaline at jps_net

>I currently have a 2.5g planted tank and am looking for some 
>small (under
>1") fish that wouldn't upset the balance of the tank, any