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How do you grow large anubias leaves submerged?

Is there a trick to growing really large leaves on submerged anubias.  I ask
this because I have purchased several forms of the plant and all of the new
growth tends to be about 2/3 the size of the original growth.  Is it
possible that the plants were grown for some time emersed and that is why
the leaves are bigger?

I have the plants in question in a 180 gallon (8'x2'x1.5') tank.  I have 320
watts of flourescent light made up of half grow bulbs and half full spectrum
bulbs.  I suppliment CO2 from a cylinder.  The substrate is washed gravel
and I fertilize using PMDD.  The fish in the tank are a mix of Malawi and
Victorian cichlids which keeps my nitrates and phosphates ski high (I do 50%
water changes weekly).  Other plants growing very well in the tank are
Jungle Val, Java Fern (just starting to show the three lobed leaves), a
variety of swords, and a few dwarf lilies.

Patrick Brown
Midland, MI
email: patster at tm_net