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Tetra Diffusion Bells

>Subject: Tetra CO2 Diffusion Bells
>I picked up some "Tetra CO2 Diffusion Bells" on a trip overseas. For the
>equivalent of US $5, I figured it was worth a try. I take it that this
>product is not sold in the US. Why? What has been the experience of APD
>members with this product?

IMO, it's one of the best Tetra products for planted tanks.  They used to
sell them in this country, but they haven't been available for a number of
years.  They have the same advantages/drawbacks of other passive diffusion
chambers, but the design is very good.  They are unobtrusive, the suction
cups make them stay where you put them, and they can be stacked in series
for use on larger tanks.  On top of all their good qualities, they were
cheap!<g>  I still have several around, and use them from time to time in
small tanks.