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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1208

> Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 13:41:05 -0700
> From: "Grace, Michael" <Michael.Grace at alza_com>
> Subject: Karl Schoeler
> I have learned that Mr. Schoeler no longer has a web site.  Does anyone know
> if he still sells his products (Substrate Gold, etc.), and if so, how to get
> a hold of them?
> Mike


Substrate Gold and Natural Gold are still available and will be available for many
many years to come.  Either the email address or the USPS address will work.

Email:  krsfert at citilink_com

USPS:  K. R. Schoeler Enterprises, Inc
            241 County Road 42
            Apple Valley, Minnesota  55124
 Phone:  612-432-9608

The old website has been discontinued and a new one is in the developmental stages.
I look forward to its' completion within the next few months.

Substrate Gold and Natural Gold are also available through many pet shops in the Upper
Midwest, and most
of the Eastern Seaboard.

For Mail Orders you could also contact Daleco at 219-268-6300 and ask for Gary.