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Re: American aquascaping style

David Boukmn wrote:

> 	I  believe no idea is entirely original and suspect other list-lurkers may
> have stumbled onto certain low maintainance parts of my proposed idea. I
> really want some comments on and contributions to the "American Style"
> using regional landscaping traditions as inspiration.

Good thoughts, David.  Some landscape styles will work better than others.
I've given some thought to how I would roll my favorite regional landscape
theme into a planted tank.

Lets see, walled garden, flagstone paths through beds of annuals defined
by boulders and contoured areas of ornamental gravel, lined with roses and
accented with rabbit bush and sculptured junipers.

The walled garden, ornamental gravel and stone work should fit into an
aquarium fairly well.  The flower bed layout and the scultured and
flowering shrubs are more of a challenge.  Also, plants are rather sparse
in that landscape, and that would be fairly difficult to maintain in a
planted tank.

I like the idea generally, but I don't think a southwest motif would be
the best analogy for an aquascape.

Roger Miller