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Re: Amano mangrove driftwood / "American Aqua-Suburb" Style

Hi David,

> From: boukmn at mindspring_com
>         This "American style" I am nursing is MUCH easier to maintain than
> Amano-style.  Which makes sense since American landscape art has
> "low-maintenance", as it's central theme (we are too busy).  I eliminated
> the Amano plants that tend to get ratty,...
For similar reasons, the landscape has been replaced by slower growing
plants like crypts and echinodorus species.  Stemmed plants often
require frequent trimming.

> .... You guys ought to see this tank, I wish I had a web site.
> I intrigued me enough that I drew a GIF of the plan, which I will
> share with anyone interested.
I'm interested and when you have pics of the tank, send 'em my way.