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quarantine tank

Chuck Gadd <cgadd at cfxc_com>
Subject: re: ick in the plants
> - - Use of a quarantine tank would greatly reduce the risk
> of ending up in this kind of situations.
Is it common to also quarantine plants?  Or do you just rinse them in
some solution?   I'm not worried about snails, in fact I currently 
hope for snails.  But that'll change if they suddenly take over my tank.
Regarding quarantine for fish, how long should they be in quarantine?  
And is there any trick to keeping the quarantine tank cycled when there
are no fish in it?   Is it a bad idea to keep plants in the quarantine
tank?  I'd like to use it for keeping "spare" clippings and plants
after a pruning session.   >>>>>>

See details on how and why to quarantine fish here:

Many people disinfest new plants with a KMnO4 bath. I think
Untergasser's book explains how to do it. It should
be quite effective, but I do not have information to establish if it
is 100% effective or less.
I normally leave fishless tanks which I think I will need later
with their original water, no heater on, no filter running, but a bunch 
of snails to keep the biofiltration flora running. I make a couple good
water changes before of introducing fish back, and turn heater and
filter on.

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