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RE: American Flagfish

Bill Hamlin asked a question about American Flagfish.

I have American Flagfish (1 male and 4 females), Rosy Barbs (4 male), 15 SAEs 
(sex unknown), plus otos, shrimp, and two kinds of dwarf plecos in a 100 
gallon tank.  For algae eating the SAEs are incredible.  However, they won't 
touch the hair algae.  The Rosy Barbs will eat the hair algae, but they 
prefer the flake food.  I sort of have to underfeed them to get them to eat 
the hair algae.  The Flagfish when introduced to the tank nibbled at the soft 
algae, but not the hair algae.  Once they discovered flake food, I have never 
seen them eat algae again.  So as far as algae eaters are concerned I would 
skip the Flagfish and go with the Rosy Barbs.  I have tried to get Ameca 
splendens, but so far have not been able to find any.

With respect to spawning, my male has been spawning daily for the last three 
weeks with two different females.  The male guards the nest very carefully, 
except when he departs for food.  At that point the Rosy Barbs feast on the 
eggs.  I have no idea if any have hatched.  Stats on my water are:  pH 6.7, 
KH 3.0, GH 6.0, temp 76-80 degrees F.

Best Regards,

Roger Gordon
San Diego, California