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Questions about fish

I have a 2" male albino krib that is having some issues.  He has something coming out
of his anus.  It looks like small red "hairs" coming out.  They don't move.  They
don't go in and out.  They extend about 1mm from his backside.  There are about 3-6 of
them.  His anus looks a little enlarged but nothing drastic.  He seemed to be normal
(having normal bowel movements) about a week ago.

Feeding has been blood worms, tetra parasite medicated food, tetra min-tabs and tetra
baby shrimp.  Water temps, conditions have all been normal and steady.  I notices
similar conditions in a cherry barb several months ago.  They were being fed the same
food except that the blood worms are from a different package.

Suggestions on treatment?  Causes?  Solutions?