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breeding bumblebee shrimp


Today I noticed there are hordes of little small things in my 2.5g tank,
havn't noticed them in there before today.  I took a decent magnifying
glass and they seem to be clear shrimp looking things.  I figured that
they could be one of 4 things, 1) bumblebee shrimp, 2) ghost shrimp, 3)
cyclops (but they have never looked like this before) or 4) some unknown
species that made there way into my tank.  Any ideas what this might be?  

The tank size is 2.5g octagon, current known inhabitants are bumblebee
shrimp, ghost shrimp, amphipods, pond snails, cyclops, hydra? (unsure
about this one, could be sometype of algae growth, havn't seen it in a
while), planarians type worms, sometype of worm that is leaving tracks in
the substrate next to the walls.  What they are doing is hanging out
around the cabomba and java moss, on first look they look like tiny
insects flying from branch to branch on closer inspection they are
definately shrimp shaped.

The plants I have in there is some cabomba, red wendtii crypt, an unknown
crypt, lots of java moss, mondo grass, faery moss, 2 of some type of
nympheae zenkeri? (bought it as a 'dwarf water lilly') that is currently

Substrate is 100% florite, lighting is a 40watt incadescent bulb.  Water
conditions are: PH 7.4, Kh 5 Degrees, Gh 7 Degrees, Fe 0.4 ppm, Nitrates
10ppm, copper 0ppm, Phosphates 1 ppm, Co2 injected (most of the time,
disconnected it when the bumblebee shrimp was introduced as I didn't want
to stress them)