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Re: PMDD and copper

> From: Ed Street <br at ldl_net>
> Subject: PMDD and copper
> today I picked up some stuff from a local nursery and he gave me some
> trace mix, potassium nitrate (13.75-0-46).  He also gave me this paper and
> told me that this was the ingredience cept there was no N-K-P in it. I was
> told that he uses a pinch of trace mix to 5,000 gallons of water.  we took
> a pinch and disolved it into 2 oz. of water, he tested the sulfates (some
> probe)

	sounds a little dubious...

> and computed the ppm


> based on the readings, they are as follows
> Boron (B)	4.5%
> Copper (Cu)	11.25%
> Iron (Fe)	22.5%
> manganese (Mn)	11.25%
> Molybdenum (Mo)	2.25%
> Zinc (Zn)	11.25%

	This is clearly bs.  According to this, the metals alone add up
to 60% or so.  With the EDTA chelating agent and anion in there, the
metals should total only 10% or so.

> Oh! I forgot to mention the ingredience in this trace mix.  Derived from:
> Iron EDTA chelate, Manganese EDTA Chelate, Copper EDTA Chelate, Zinc
> EDTA Chelate, Sodium Borate, Sodium Molybdate.

	Get a proper analysis of this stuff.  The manufacturer should provide

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada