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ick in the plnts

 MBCREATIVE at aol_com wrote: ick in the plnts
I have had luck netting out the animals, treating them in a hospital tank, 
heating up the plant tank to 80, then adding a salt (1/2 tsp/gallon). Wait a

week, do a 50% water, drop the temp back to normal, then another 50% water 
change a few days later.  You will have about 1/8 tsp of salt per gallon.
your fish handle that? if so return the fish if not, do another 50% water 
change. No ick. Happy plants. The salt helps a lot.>>>>>>>>

I am glad this system worked for you. However, just for
the sake of an interesting discussion, consider the following:

- A temperature of only 80 deg. would not effectively treat 
ich. See for example Untergasser's
Handbook of Fish Diseases for the needed temperature
levels (86 deg. F for 10 days for Ich).

- The salt dose you recommend (1 tsp/2 gal, almost
two tablespoons/10 gallons if you consider the volume
of decor and effective tank volume) is quite high and
some plants may be sensitive to it. I would advise
caution if administered in planted tanks. Most fishes
on the contrary will tolerate that with no problems.

- By removing the fish you break the life cycle of the 
parasites in the tank, which can survive only a limited
time without a host. So you effectively disinfest the tank
by removing fish for several days, no other treatments are

- Use of a quarantine tank would greatly reduce the risk
of ending up in this kind of situations.

Dionigi Maladorno
dionigi.maladorno at roche_com
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