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ick in the plant tank

I have a 70 gal. tank that i recently changed over to a plant tank.
it is heavily planted and every thing was looking great until i
started looking for the 3 clown loaches i bought last week,
they only come out a night and then are hard to get a good look at
so i try to look for them with a flash light every day or two well
this morning i finally got a good look at them and they have little
white spots on them  that i think is ick. all the other fish in the
tank look o.k. they are 12 neons, 1 plico, 4 SAE's, 2 CAE's,
several white clouds, 2 mollies, 7 alge eating shrimp and i think
that's all.
well after i saw the white spots i went to the archives and some web
pages  read several posts and got confused! 

if someone could please help me with this problem this tank has been
doing to good for me to guess at something and  kill my fish and
plants. i know the plants, plico, snails, shrimp, and neons all
complicate this problem. also my ph 6.8,  kh 5 temp. 74, iron trace,
nitrite 0 , nitrate trace. pressurized co2 on ph controller if you
need more information let me know.

 most things i read said use malachite green then it said use 1/2 dose
for neons then i got confused if i should  raise the temperature to 80
to as high as 86  with or without  any medication.  i like the idea of
raising the temp. for about 10 days  without any medication but i
would like some advice please post reply  or email at : davids at ols_net
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