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Ghost Shrimp

I am looking for information on Ghost/Glass Shrimp.  Specifically are
they predators or do they only eat alge and fish food.  I recently got
some of these creatures and was absolutely thrilled when they started to
eat BBA.  Recently some of my fish (Angels and Cardinal Tetras) have
started coming up dead.  I am sure that it probably is a disease (of
course I don't know which kind) but I would like to be sure that it is
not the shrimp.  There are also a couple of guppies and 2 Ottos and 6
Cories.  None of these seems affected.  Only the algels and the
Cardinals have died.  By the time that I found them had no eyes.  The
one that I did find dieing was a cardinal and his eye was cloudy.  I was
wondering if the shrimp would do that?  I tested the water and it is
well within normal parameters for me 6.8-7 PH (I dropped that a bit)
1-3 dh, 1-3 kh nitrit not detectable.  No new fish have come in except
the shrimps and they have been there 2 weeks.  Any info on the shrimps
(sites, or personal experience etc) or the disease would be helpful.