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20 gallon lighting/halogens

Andy was asking about halogen lighting for a 20 gallon
i have a 20 High and went through much the same dilemma.
should i use MH or Quartz track lighting or settle for less light.
I found a simple (very simple) soln. at Home Depot:  a 4 bulb @ 20 watts 
each flourescent ceiling fixture for about $50.00(US)
it is supposed to be mounted in the ceiling but i suspended it above my tank 
(about 6-8 inch) with faux iron chain so it doesn't look "too"  bad. it came 
with a diffuser that i left on it to diminish the light somewhat.  when i 
want lower lighting or need to clean the tank i raise the chain up a couple 
of links.
this has worked well for me, giving me 80 watts/gal and great growth.
it was also EASY. but i wouldn't dismiss Q either.
just my 2cents

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