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I have a question for all of you,  I have a plant what I believe to be an 
Echinodorus "ozelot" ? but it does not seem to match any pictures in the 
books that I have, but was closest to the ozelot,  the plant is a deep 
purple/red color, with only the lower stem section at the crown showing any 
light green coloration.

My question is this, It has about a 3 foot shoot, which produced about 12 
flowers at the very end and about 1 foot down from the top of the shoot. out 
of those flowers, It produced one plantlet.  Can I cut this shoot off at the 
base of the main plant with out any damage to the main plant?  Also if I cut 
the shoot off, will the plant send out another shoot ?  This plant is a very 
nice looking plant and I would like to put all of it's energy in itself.

Any comments would greatly be apprieciated !

Mark Tuma