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Re: BBA in my tank

Pierre Tremblay said....

>first, thanks to everyone who helped me on and offline !
>I made a few changes in my tank in order to control a nasty BBA outbreak.
>I found out, like many of you are saying, that high light levels increase
>I realize now that it began to worsen when i changed my bulbs. The new ones
>were so powerful
>in the first week that it was dazzling.
>What i have done so far : changed about 50% of my water without fertilizing
>( Dupla) which i was using half-dose so far,
>decreased my Kh AND ph, decreased my flow rate and the moving water
>surface,and mechanically removed most of the BBA
>Now my eichornia azureas are floating on the surface and this way blocking
>part of the
>lighting ( 2 MH 175 w ).
>Parameters : ph: from 6,9 to 6,7
>                        kh : from 5 dkh to 4 dkh
>                        iron: from .3 mg/l to .05 mg/l
>                        flow rate ( turnover) : from 190% to 120%
>I observed that guramis, golden and blue, nibble (eat ? ) almost constantly
>the BBA.

By BBA do you mean black brush algae? I've yet to observe anything
other than SAEs eat this stuff. In my tanks it appears to be minimally
affected by lighting intensity, pH, or CO2 levels. Adequate nitrate
and phosphate levels seem to help it along, but it competes pretty
well with the plants.

>The Dennerle web site ( www.Dennerle.de)  has a lot of helpful hints on the
>subject ( using the GO network translator ! ).
>For now, it seems to be under control............and decreasing......

I'm glad it's working for you.

>Pierre Tremblay

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca