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hlaogen lights

Wright wrote

>Yes, major concerns. They are way too
hot and inefficient. About 50% more
>efficient than regular incandescents,
they are only about 1/4 as effective
>(bright) as fluorescent tubes, in
lumens/Watt. Certainly they are less
>half as effective for plants.

How on earth do you know that they are
inefficient for growing plants? Have you
ever tried them? Do you know the PAR
rating? Luminous efficacy is not a good
measure of a lamps plant growing
capabilities. It is true that halogens
do seem to put out a lot of unnecessary
heat but what percentage of that
spectrum is outside the area usable by

>Don Lancaster has a fun and
comprehensive lighting tutorial at:


This article is well written and
humourous but unfortunately is anything
but comprehensive and has nothing to do
with the topic at hand. If you want to
learn about lighting go to
.html  In plant growing Lumens/watt can
be used to measure system efficiencies
but has almost no bearing on the PAR
rating of the lamp. Yes I know that PAR
is not the perfect measure of a lamps
plant growing ability but it is far and
away a lot better than lumens. As usual
there is no usable information in the
article such as radiant power efficiency
of various lamps or calibrated spectral
power curves it is all just the usual

Wayne Jones

Stumbling around in the dark as usual